Violent Crimes: Assault, Robbery, Domestic Assault

Being charged with a violent crime is very serious because there is an alleged victim involved – whenever there is an alleged victim involved, the stakes always get higher. Much like homicide cases, assaults, domestic assaults, and other violent crimes such as robbery also have severe consequences if you are convicted. These crimes often carry mandatory minimum sentences if convicted and may not be eligible for probation depending on the specific circumstances.

What You Should Do

Not talking to the police and asking for an attorney right away are the two most important things you can do when you are charged with a violent crime like assault. We cannot stress this enough: do not speak to the police or consent to any searches of your property if you are a suspect. Instead, insist on speaking with an attorney immediately. The sooner we get involved, the sooner we can help you.

What We Will Do

We will fight to get you out of jail as soon as possible with a reasonable bond that your family or friends can help post. We will then obtain all of the evidence in your case and explore all of your viable defenses to the charges. Charges of violent crime require a thorough review of the facts involved and detailed preparation of the legal issues that you will face. You will be “in the loop” the entire time and your questions will be answered. We want and value your input. We will work with you to try to get you back to your family, your job, and your life.

Our attorneys have successfully handled cases involving violent crime before. Make sure you have experienced counsel by your side when facing such serious allegations. Time in prison or jail, felony convictions, and probation with very long back-ups hanging over your head are just some of the repercussions. Call our legal team today for a free evaluation. Take control of your case and the allegations of violent crime and get the experienced help you need.

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