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  • Transportation of Drugs No Jail Time. Probation Continued.

    A man on felony probation was found with possession of controlled substances. He was convicted of transporting 16 pounds of marijuana in another state. Mr. Mulenkamp kept the man out of jail and probation continued as normal.


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Defending Those Who Are Facing Drug Crime Charges in St. Louis City County

Marijuana Joints

At Muhlenkamp & Bernsen, Attorneys at Law, we do not just plead our clients out, throw them into drug court, and wish them luck. Instead, we will fully explain the process to you and make sure that you understand all expectations, so you do not go into the program unprepared. If drug court makes sense for you, our goal is to fully prepare you for it so you can hit the ground running and complete it with as few issues as possible.

Our drug crimes lawyers in St. Louis have helped our clients by getting their cases dismissed, suppressing evidence, negotiating plea agreements and placement in treatment programs that keep drug convictions off your record, and winning at trial.

Have you been accused of a drug crime? Let the St. Louis drug crimes attorneys at Muhlenkamp & Bernsen, Attorneys at Law, help you. Call (314) 347-3313 now or contact us online for a free consultation.

Understanding Drug Search & Seizure Processes

Many drug charges begin with illegal searches and seizures at the hands of the police. Police are not allowed to simply search your person, your vehicle, or your property for no reason. They need to abide by strict legal formalities in order to do any of these things. If they do not abide by the rules, evidence in your case can be suppressed, and you can win your case, keeping your record free of drug charges.

If you are contacted by the police:

  • Never consent to a search of anything
  • Politely decline their request
  • Ask to contact an attorney immediately

If the situation persists, just be patient until you can get an attorney involved. Drug charges are often born when a suspect believes that they will “get to go home” if they just cooperate and give the police what they are asking for. In reality, that rarely happens. Instead, you will end up with a drug charge. If you do comply with law enforcement’s request and they find a controlled substance or paraphernalia, you have just given the police the evidence they need to prosecute a drug charge against you in court.

Consequences of a Drug Charge

Drug charges, felonies, or misdemeanors can have a lasting impact on your life. Jail or prison time, fines, a drug conviction on your record, and loss of your driving privilege are just some of the potential consequences you face, and they are worse if you are under the age of 21 or have prior drug convictions already. At Muhlenkamp & Bernsen, Attorneys at Law, we have experience in obtaining favorable dispositions in drug cases.

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As your criminal defense lawyers, we will examine the specific facts and circumstances of your drug charge case and see if suppression is likely. If so, we will move to suppress the evidence or use those facts to gain a favorable disposition with the prosecuting attorney based on the illegal conduct by the police. Our St. Louis drug crimes lawyers will also determine if drug court is an option for your drug charge.

However, you should not just jump at the opportunity to go into drug court because the drug charge will “stay off your record”—it is not that easy. Although drug courts vary from county to county, entering the program means you give up certain rights that you can never get back. If you fail to comply with the lofty requirements of the program, it can result in significant sanctions that include jail time or dismissal from the program and, almost certainly, a conviction.

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