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Tory Bernsen Received Advanced Level Training on Using Metal Illnesses to Win DWI Cases

Attorney Tory Bernsen recently obtained advanced level training on how to use mental illnesses to win DWI cases (both alcohol and drugs) from the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys. Members of this organization are offered trainings that consist of compiled information from judges, prosecutors, current and former police officers, and DWI defense lawyers.

Many drivers who are diagnosed with mental illness(es) are often wrongfully arrested by law enforcement officials for being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. However, law enforcement trainings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) includes how to handle suspected DUI cases involving individuals with a mental condition – because their illness could be mistakenly construed as signs and symptoms of alcohol or drug impairment.

Since officers investigating DUIs rarely ask drivers if they suffer from a mental health condition, it is imperative for lawyers to ask this question to every client. Trainings provided by the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys help its members successfully resolve their DUI cases inside or outside the courtroom.

Tory specializes in DWI, criminal defense, and appellate matters in St. Louis. She also has spent time working for the State of Missouri handling DWI and driver license matters, giving our clients a unique insight into both sides of the courtroom. Our legal team at Muhlenkamp & Bernsen, Attorneys at Law has more than 25 years of combined experience helping clients facing DWI charges.

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