Warrant / Wanted for Questioning

If you are warrant or wanted for questioning, the first thing you are probably thinking about staying out of jail. Let us help you before you get arrested.


A warrant can get issued for a number of reasons. Usually an arrest warrant means that you have been charged with a new crime, have missed a court date, or violated the terms of your probation. If a warrant has been issued for your arrest, and you are arrested, you will be taken to jail and have to wait to see the judge. If you cannot make bond, you will simply sit there and wait. Do not be put in that situation.

If you find out there is an active warrant for your arrest, or you think there might be, call us so we can find out for you. Often, especially in less serious cases, we can get the warrant recalled so you do not get arrested at all. In more serious cases, we can speak to the prosecuting attorney on your behalf and negotiate a bond on your case. You can then turn yourself in with us by your side and bond out immediately that same day.

Wanted for Questioning

Have you been contacted by a police officer or detective that wants to ask you questions? If so, we recommend that you do not speak to the police until you have consulted with an attorney regarding the situation. You may be “wanted for questioning.” If that is the case, the police can arrest you and hold you for up to 24 hours. Our goal in these situations is to keep this from happening. We will contact the specific law enforcement officer on your behalf and try to obtain more detailed information. We then give you that information so you know what is going on, why the police want to talk to you, and what is likely going to happen. From there, we can make an informed decision on what you should do to protect your rights. Do not be put in the position where you simply get arrested and then sit there in a jail cell with a lot of unanswered questions. Call us today and put your mind at ease.

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“The great thing about Mr. Muhlenkamp was that he addressed my needs in my case. Not only was he direct and transparent about what my case could lead to, he asked me what I was concerned about most. This really put me at ease and allowed me to be comfortable to sit back and let the professional do his job.”

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