Stealing or Fraud

Have you ever tried to get a decent job with a stealing or fraud conviction on your record? How did you handle that question at the job interview? Was that hard to explain away? Did you lie on the job application to get to the interview process, only to have the prospective employer bring it up because they found it on a background check? Did that end well for you?

Do not be put in this situation because of a stealing or theft-related charge. A conviction of any type of stealing offense will follow you forever because it reflects on your character. This could negatively affect your ability to go to the college of your choice, to excel in a certain career path, or to obtain the right job. Make no mistake about it: if two people are equally qualified for a certain occupation, the one without the stealing conviction is probably going to get the job. The person who did something stupid ten years ago will not. Don’t get labelled as someone who cannot be trusted because you did something stupid, got charged with stealing, and then got convicted. Call us today. We can help.

Stealing cases have a number of defenses. Were you acting under a claim of right where you reasonably thought you had the right to take the property? Were you simply “along for the ride” or with some acquaintances and not aware that other people were stealing? Are you not involved in the case at all and the police simply have the wrong guy?

Regardless of your applicable defense, we will strive to find it and apply it to the facts of your case. Whether your theft allegation requires a trial or plea negotiation, we will do all that we can to obtain a favorable disposition that keeps the charge from following you forever and limiting your future goals.

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