Sex Offender Registration

Perhaps the most damning collateral consequence of a criminal prosecution is the requirement to register as a sex offender. By law, pleas of guilty or convictions for certain offenses require mandatory lifetime registration. If this happens to you, your name, your picture, your address, and personal features will all be placed onto a Missouri State Highway Patrol website for the entire world to see. Your movement will be limited. You will not be able to live within a certain distance of schools, parks, playgrounds, etc. If you find yourself in this situation, or being threatened with this situation, you need to take immediate action and protect your rights. If facing any type of sexual offense, call us so we can try to keep this happening to you.

If you are already on the list, you probably want to get off. In limited circumstances, there are exceptions to the mandatory, lifetime registration requirement. We have successfully filed petitions in the past to get people off the Misosuri sex offender registry. A number of factors specific to your case must be considered before a thorough evaluation can be done. However, depending on the specific circumstances of your case, you may be eligible for removal from the list.

We are more than willing to discuss your specific case with you and provide an assessment. We will explain the process for filing a petition in court to try to get you off the list. If you are eligible it is definitely something you should consider due to the dire consequences involved in being a registered sex offender.

If you are on the sex offender registry, your life is probably very difficult. We would like to see if we can help you get your name off this list. We have successfully gotten registered sex offenders off the list and back to their lives as they want to live them. Our clients have been able to go to their children’s schools, be worry-free at their jobs, and become free from the judgment that comes with having your name on this powerful list. In addition to prevailing at the trial court level, we have experience litigating this issue in the Appellate Court and the Supreme Court. Call us today to discuss whether we might be able to help you start your life over.

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