Murder and manslaughter charges are especially serious. Whenever a death is involved, law enforcement is going to apply greater resources to the case and do everything they can to get a conviction. Murder charges, and other homicides, also carry mandatory minimum sentences if convicted. Murder in the first degree carries a mandatory sentence of life without probation or parole – and when the stakes are this high, you need an experienced attorney by your side.

It is imperative that you not waive your rights if you are a suspect in a murder or homicide investigation. Tell the police that you do not want to make a statement and you are not consenting to any searches. Instead, ask for an attorney. Do not be misled by police that tell you that this will “all be cleared up” if you just answer a few questions. Be persistent, polite, and insist on speaking with an attorney.

There are a varying number of defenses to a murder or homicide charge. Were you acting in self-defense? Were you not acting intentionally and only under the heat of passion? Were you acting recklessly, but not intentionally, so that a lesser-included charge might be appropriate? Are there other viable suspects that law enforcement simply ignored and instead chose to focus on you because you were the easiest target?

We will pursue all viable defenses that apply to your murder or homicide case. We pledge to fully investigate your murder or homicide case and make sure you are defended zealously and effectively. Whether it is a jury trial or throughout plea negotiations, we will obtain the best disposition possible through whatever route makes the most sense for your specific murder or homicide case.

When the stakes are life and death, we will fight for you. We will vigilantly protect your rights and investigate the facts of the case, both those presented by the government and those left unspoken by anyone but you. Call us today for a free case evaluation.

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