Federal Charges

If you are facing federal charges, or are the target of a federal investigation, you need an experienced federal criminal defense attorney by your side. Although this may seem obvious, the federal government has a vast amount of money and resources at its disposal. This reality never becomes clearer than when you are a criminal defendant in federal court facing federal charges.

If you are put in this position, or think that you may be in the future, make sure you have an advocate that has practiced in the federal system before, knows the key players, and can start effectively working on your behalf immediately. Getting a federal criminal defense attorney involved early on can have long lasting positive effects on the outcome of your federal case. Many federal defendants don’t think they need to be represented by counsel until they get indicted by a Federal Grand Jury. This could not be further from the truth, the earlier we get involved, the better chance you have a positive outcome on your federal charges. If you have been contacted in any way by a federal agency, such as the FBI, ATF, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a postal inspector, or any other type of federal agent, you may have federal exposure. You need to get an attorney on board immediately to start working on your behalf. If you wait until you get indicted, it could be too late

Federal Sentencing Guidelines and federal criminal statutes get out of hand extremely fast and can overwhelm a defendant. The guidelines add up very quickly and many federal statutes have mandatory minimum sentences that do not allow for probation. You need an attorney that can explain the process to you and take advantage of every possible loophole or exception in order to protect your future.

Do not go through this process alone or with an attorney who is not familiar with federal court. The federal system is unique in and of itself. Many formalities, procedures, and deadlines in the federal system do not exist at the state level. Make sure that you prepare yourself for this process by hiring an attorney that can protect your rights. You need an attorney that has won cases in federal court before and, when necessary, has negotiated favorable plea agreements for their clients.

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