Minor in Possession of Alcohol

Young people charged with minor in possession (MIP) face potentially serious consequences that can affect their future. The legal drinking age in Missouri is set at 21 years old, and anyone caught drinking under that age can be arrested or charged on the spot. In this situation, call one of our experienced St. Louis defense attorneys who know how to limit the consequences you face.

Aside from the potential criminal consequences stemming from a MIP charge, a minor also faces the loss of his or her driving privilege for a significant period of time. This is true even if you do not take a “conviction” on the charge. A skilled defense lawyer can often negotiate with the prosecuting attorney to get an MIP charge amended or dismissed so these consequences do not happen and you therefore keep your drivers license.

The legal team at Muhlenkamp & Bernsen has represented many young clients facing MIP charges, and we understand how to present evidence and apply Missouri law in your favor. The laws regarding minor in possession cases are complicated, so you need a law firm on your side with specific experience with handling this type of DUI case.

When You Can be Charged with MIP

Several acts by minors can constitute a violation of Missouri possession of alcohol laws. For example, you may get in trouble for any of the following:

  • Having alcoholic beverages in your possession or constructive possession (such as in a car)
  • Purchasing alcohol or attempting to purchase alcohol
  • Being visibly intoxicated
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Minor in possession is charged as a misdemeanor, and a conviction can mean up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $1000. In addition, a misdemeanor conviction will go on your permanent record, which can affect your ability to get accepted to educational programs or get hired for certain jobs, among other lasting consequences. You should also note, as referenced above, that this type of charge can result in the loss of your driving privilege even if you are not “convicted.”

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Defending Against Minor in Possession Charges

With the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney, there are several ways to limit the penalties of an MIP case. Our St. Louis defense firm will present any possible defense in your case and can negotiate with the prosecutor to have your charges reduced or dropped. We can also handle any related charges, including having a fake ID or DUI. Please contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your case.

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