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Driving While Intoxicated charges are very serious, whether it is a first time offense or something that has happened more than once. They are a threat to your freedom, your job, and your driver license. We will use our extensive experience to help you fight both the charge and the loss of your driving privilege. Defending a DWI charge is complicated, and not every attorney has the expertise and experience needed to thoroughly evaluate your case. At our firm, we will use our experience both prosecuting and defending DWI’s to craft a defense on both the criminal charge and loss of your driving privilege.

Certified in Field Sobriety Testing

We are certified in Field Sobriety Testing. We have the same training as law enforcement. We will review all of the evidence, including the traffic stop, the road and weather conditions, the administration of field sobriety tests, “dash cam” video, the instrument used to test your breath, the validity of the blood test, and any alleged refusal to test. We will use our experience gleaned from years of prosecuting and defending DWI’s to protect your freedom and your driver license.

When Your Life is on the Line, You Need Experienced DWI Attorneys to Help You Get It Back

DWIs have gotten more serious in recent years. Repeat offenders are facing more serious charges and mandatory jail or prison time. A conviction can mean the loss of your job, your family, and your license. When your life is on the line, let us help you get it back.

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Our St. Louis DWI attorneys have seen both sides of these cases. We know where the mistakes are made. Law enforcement is not perfect. Even if they believe they have probable cause, there could still be mistakes in the evidence collected. If you were wrongfully arrested and charged, we will fight the conviction and loss of driving privilege. If you received a minor in possession charge, we can help. We will use these mistakes to get your case dismissed, win at trial, or, if necessary, negotiate a favorable plea bargain. If DWI Court is the route that is in your best interest, you need the experience of DWI attorneys who will not just “plead you” to whatever the recommendation is. Let us work for you. Don’t end up on probation, in jail or prison, or without a driver license because your attorney didn’t know what to look for. This is your life – find out what options you have.

If you have been arrested for DWI, whether you submitted to a breath test or refused a breath test, please read your paperwork thoroughly and contact an attorney IMMEDIATELY to make sure that you don’t miss a filing deadline and we can do everything possible to protect your driving privilege. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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